“Alexios Romanos” brand has perennial creative experience on Ready-To-Wear and Bespoke High-End clothing, wedding gowns and the Art of tailor-made suits.


The Creative Director and Founder is Alexios Romanos, who has given the name to the brand. He has studied fashion in the UK and his base is now in modern Athens, where he personally takes care and signs off on all releases of his creations from his Atelier.


Inspired by the finesse of decades past, the Arts and the demanding times which in conjunction with modern aesthetics, give a dynamic yet refined and seductive result.


Lately, is emphasis on constructing leather apparels, leather goods, and accessories which has been a challenge for the brand as the nature of the source of material and it’s technique differs greatly from that of a classic fabric.


Every creation is handmade and handcrafted in Greece and the great attention to detail is prevalent in all designs with a focus on the natural sources used and the stitching technique. Main accent is the brand’s strict quality control on impeccable quality and comportment of textiles.

"Fashion suggests, never dictates"

A. R.

©  Alexios Romanos  2021