The "Bridal & Bespoke" service aims to provide an entirely handmade garment and appeals to customers who desire either a creation to accompany them to a special event, the wedding gown or wedding suit of their dreams or simply a timeless piece for their wardrobe.


Initially, an exclusive series of drawings is created for the client, inspired by their style, body type and personality. The Creative Director himself chooses the fabrics and materials, following very strict criteria and with their quality being the overarching objective coupled with the proper combination of fabrics and materials, in order for the end product to be unique.


Fittings are done in accordance with the traditional art of Haute Couture and aim to fully match the garment to the proportions, needs and particularities of each body type.


Each garment is fully handmade, and respectful to the creative process, so that the customer can acquire an attire with the distinctive quality and elegance which is expected from a handmade garment.

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