Exclusive Services

Made to Measure

The "Made to Measure" service offers the client the opportunity to order from our collections the design they want, adapted to their specific measurements.


The procedure requires one fitting at least and the client is offered the choice of some modifications on the design, in case they wish so.

For the “Made to Measure” service an extra cost up to 35% applies on the original price and the order is delivered within 40 days.


The "Bespoke" service appeal to the client who wishes to have a unique leather piece in their collection.


The procedure is fully customised. Initially, an exclusive series of drawings is created for the client, inspired by his style, body type and personality. Under very strict criteria and with quality being the overarching objective along with the proper interactions of leathers and materials combination.  


The garment is made entirely from scratch and the fittings goal is for the apparel to fully fit the proportions needs and particularities of each body type.


For the “Bespoke” service the cost is determined upon request and the delivery varies depending on design.

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